Thursday 23 April 2015



A gunman is stalking the wards of a local hospital. He's unidentified and dangerous, and has to be located. Urgently.

Police Firearms Officer Aden McCarthy is tasked with tracking him down. Still troubled by the shooting of a schoolboy, Aden is determined to make amends by finding the gunman - before it's too late.


To psychologist Imogen, hospital should be a place of healing and safety - both for her, and her young niece who's been recently admitted. She's heard about the gunman, but he has little to do with her. Or has he?

As time ticks down, no one knows who the gunman's next target will be. But he's there. Hiding in plain sight. Far closer than anyone thinks...

This book starts at the end, which is quite a fresh approach, and something that I feel works well, because you want to read on to find out what has happened, (You don’t find out who the shooter is until the actual end of the novel). It starts with Charlie, a journalist, witnessing a mass shooting at a the local Mount Pleasant hospital.  

The story is very effectively told over six days,  from the perspective of the four main characters: Charlie, a journalist with the local paper, Aden, a firearms officer, Imogen, a psychologist, and the shooter. Don’t let that put you off. It is a very easy book to read.

There are quite a few sub plots involving these characters, Imogen the copper red haired twin, who is desperate to have a baby, Charlie, who’s friend has died mysteriously, and Aden troubled by the shooting of a schoolboy.

The plot is very clever, and quite gripping. I liked the way that somehow the characters lives are all intertwined. Charlie is a little bit of a stereotypical journalist, but I did become fond of her.

This was a couldn’t put down novel, because I had to know what why there was a shooter stalking the hospital, and why did he open fire.

There were plenty of red herrings to misdirect me and I didn’t guess the ending.

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